Warp Gates are a type of Megastructure, placed in orbit of a planet. Highly useful, Warp Gates allow ships to rapidly move around the galaxy.

To use a Warp Gate, you give orders to a Unit or Fleet as follows:

  1. Move to the Warp Gates location
  2. Once there, issue another Move Order to your final destination
  3. Change the drop-down to whatever speed you'd like to use

Do not re-issue move orders once a fleet is underway, as this will make it lose the Warp speed bonus. However, while moving at warp speed you may update the destination of the current move order and wont lose warp speed.

Warp Gate usage comes at a cost. This fee is paid to the owner of a Warp Gate, making owning one in a central location a lucrative endeavour. The fee for using a Warp Gate is:

100 Credits (In-game info says 1000, but it's actually 100) x Unit or Fleet Size x Warp speed factor.

For example, a size 500 fleet going at 50x speed would cost:

100 x 500 x 50 = 2.5 mil

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