Welcome!  I'm George.  Relatively new to Barons of the Galaxy, but I enjoy the game quite a lot.  When learning how to play, I found that there was a pretty steep learning curve.  Don't get me wrong - if you're reading this then you are probably like me and enjoy challenging games with a lot of underlying complexity.  That being said, the guide on the BotG website is extremely comprehensive, but I'm used to parsing information in a Wiki format.

I searched for a BotG wiki and stumbled upon a site that had been abandoned for ages.  I did what I could to update that site, but without an admin around to help me with higher level formatting and content changes, I was extremely limited in what I could do to improve the wiki - and so here we are on the Official-for-lack-of-a-better-title wiki.

At the time I'm writing this blog there are only a handful of pages for ground units in this wiki, but I'm going to do my best to fill it with all of the content in the BotG guide at a minimum.  With some time and a little luck, this wiki will ease new players into the game, increasing the playerbase and creating more fun for myself and the friends I've made in-game :)

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