Transporting products or items in Barons can seem daunting, but is actually extremely simple.

If you have a unit or ship at the item/products location, skip this first part.

  • First, find out where the items or product are located. For Products, go to your Assets Page, then click the Products option. For Items, go to the Assets Page then the Items option.
  • The location will be a hyperlink to the right of the items name. Click this to be taken to the location.
  • In the top right, you will see the coordinates, often something like: 122070336 : 190429714. Copy this
  • Now you know where your stuff is. Go to Assets then Military and find a Transport, Freighter or whatever it is you wish to use.
  • Select it, go to orders, and order it to Move. The coordinates you copied before go in the third field.

Done! That moves a unit to a location. Now we pick-up the stuff.

  • Create an order on your transporting unit for Transfer Cargo.
  • Change the direction to Pick Up, and use the next to fields to select the item/product.
  • Quantity can be left blank if you wish to fill the transport/grab everything there. Be careful! If you order a transport to grab a specific amount (say, 5k), and there isn't that much there, they may stop and wait until they've reached your ordered amount!

Now that's done, we move to our drop-off location. It's a similar process to the first part, but rather than using your Assets Product/Item page, you'll either use the drop down for cities, or navigate to them on the view screen and get coordinates from there.

Finally, we need to deliver the stuff!

  • Make a new order for Transfer cargo
  • Change direction to drop-off, then fill out the other two fields.
  • If you're delivering on a Contract, you'll see the option to deliver it once you select the 'Use Contract' box

Done! To keep moving products from a site to your HQ, throw a Loop Order on the bottom.


These are purely the Opinions of corporations in Barons, written here to help new players.

AIX - generally, two levels of Cargo and the other 8 in movement is sufficient for most Freighters for a fast, efficient network

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