In BotG production starts from the most common resources (Raw Materials) that are then produced into Components, Civilian Services and End Products through a manufacturing, distributing process managed by yourself. Start by making sure you have an ACP Structure(s) to build on the designated tile(s).

Each product has a demand, value and a volume. Keep an eye out for these when looking to sell to a city. The higher the Value and demand the better!


The "Viewscreen" button (top left corner) is a great way to look for certain Minerals, Metals, Chemicals and other basic products to start your journey. Then click "Resources" button which is just below that. All of the Raw Materials are automatically checked but filters are there to help you provide a quick and easy way to find what is available on certain tiles. Resources will have a number beside them letting you know how many tiles that resource is available on the planet. Click on a tile that shows a resources, then you will see most have a base of 10 Units (10U) per turn when you click on the tile to see its output.

This is just the basic description on how to look for these resources. More pages will be added to help guide you through your first steps on making an ACP structure and how to set them up!

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Raw Materials

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