Logistics are a brake on your expansion, and a major reason to keep upgrading your Corporate HQ. There are two types of Logistics - Structure and Units .

Each level of a Structure or Unit adds one to your Logistics. As long as your total Logistics is equal to or lower than your maximum (as shown on The Assets - Overview page at the top) you're fine. However, for each point over you are, a 1% penalty is added to the upkeep of all your Structures or Units (depending on which Logistics os over).

For example, a level 5 Shipyard adds 5 to your Logistics and costs $1000 a turn in Upkeep. If your Logistics is 10 points over, your Shipyard costs 10% more - so $1100 per turn. This 10% fee is added to all your structures as long as you're over Logistics cap.

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