Units come in three flavors: Ground Units, Ships, and Defenses.

Ground Units

Ground units are terrestrial-based units such as cargo vehicles, saboteurs, and tanks. They are built in a Military Base and are restricted to traveling on planet surface tiles. They are able to attack any air or ground target on a planet surface tile. This category also includes air units that cannot travel through space (Fighters and the like).

Ground units can be loaded into any Ship with a hangar (for example: Carriers) and be transported through space. Some ground units such as Infantry and Fighters can participate in space combat while loaded in a hangar.

Ground units can be upgraded, and become more powerful in all stats semi-exponentially with each level.

Ground Unit Types
Light Transport Infantry Commando Mechanized
Heavy Armored Battlesuit Artillery
Air Fighter Bomber Varitek


Ships can travel through space and attack objects on any tile with no restrictions. Ships have a natural advantage when engaging ground units at lower levels, but can be at risk when pitted against higher level ground units due to their semi-exponential power growth.

Ships can be upgraded in a number of individual categories, and gain power linearly in that category with each level.

Ship Types
Light Scout Corvette Freighter
Warship Frigate Destroyer Carrier
Capital Cruiser Battleship Dreadnought Monolith


Defenses are static units that cannot attack, and are engaged when a friendly corporation is attacked on a tile where they are stationed. They cannot engage other defenses, but can counter specific powerful threats and are valuable in establishing a fortified location away from the safety of the Terran Federation.

Defenses can be upgraded, and become more powerful in all stats semi-exponentially with each level.

Defense Types
Absorb Damage Fortification Shields
Counter Units Rail Gun Missile Turret Ion Cannon
Unit Construction Military Base Shipyard
Megastructure Mobile Fortress

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