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Ground units are terrestrial-based units such as cargo vehicles, building saboteurs, and tanks. They can travel through and attack any air or ground target on a non-space tile. This category also includes air units that cannot travel through space without the assistance of a carrier.

Ground Unit Types
Light Transport Infantry Commando Mechanized
Heavy Armored Battlesuit Artillery
Air Fighter Bomber Varitek

Ground units can be upgraded, and become more powerful in all stats semi-exponentially with each level. The stat multipliers per level are as follows:

Level Size Value Cost to Upgrade Turns to Upgrade
1 1x 1x
2 5x 5x 4x base cost 2x base construction time
3 10x 10x 5x 2x
4 20x 20x 5x 2x
5 30x 30x 5x 2x
6 40x 40x 10x 5x
7 60x 60x 10x 5x
8 60x 60x 20x 10x
9 80x 80x 20x 10x
10 100x 100x 20x 10x

Low level ground units are at a disadvantage vs ships, but ground units experience extreme power growth vs ships which upgrade linearly.  For this reason, high level ground units can mount an effective defense against all but the largest warships.

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