This is a guide to buying and selling both products and items. For related guides, see also:


Purchasing products or items in Barons can be the first step of a lucrative endeavor, or part of your preparation for a major offensive, or both. First, it is important to know the difference between an Item and a Product.

An Item is something created for specific purpose. Ships, ACPs, Infantry and Artifacts all fall under this category.

A Product is something created purely to sell. Water, Personal Droids and Contraband are all Products.


To buy or sell a Product, you must first find a city you wish to buy it from. To see a list of prices by city, go to

  • Corporate then
  • Reporting followed by
  • Product Demand by City

This screen has four drop-down menus at the top - System, Planet, Category and Product. Select these options as you wish.

For example, to find the price of Exotic Metals on Earth, we'd select Sol - Earth - Metals - Exotic Metals

This will then provide you with a series of graphs. On the left, you will see a rising series of percentages. Across the bottom are the names of cities on the chosen planet.

At 100%, the price of a product is double it's base when buying. You'll want to find the shortest bar when buying, and the tallest bar when selling.

For more advanced rules and tactics, see: Advanced Buying and Selling

Continuing our example, any city with 100% in Exotic Metals will sell the Metals at 200 credits/piece, as the base price of a Tier One Product is 100 credits/unit.

This graph, naturally, lets you see where to sell Products for the best price - the higher the bar, the greater the value.

So you could buy Exotic Metals in, say Rabat for 50% (100 credits/unit) and sell them in Warsaw at 320% demand(320 credits/unit, as price ISN'T doubled when selling) and earn a tidy profit.

To buy a Product, you must have either a Unit (Starship, Vehicle, or Infantry) or a Distribution Centre in the city.


Items work differently, as they are sold by Contracts from other players.

To see the available contracts, you go:

  • Corporate then
  • Contracts

This will bring up a menu, allowing you select Availability (allows you to set the area the Contract is available in), whether it's a Buy or Sell contract, what category (Products may also be bought and sold via contracts), the specific Item or Product you want and even the ID, useful if this is a pre-organised deal.

You may also create contracts from this screen.

When looking contracts, do note who it is made out to - the Availability column will state 'All' or the name of a specific Corporation - and the Status column.

Note that the 'My --' selections of Availability are based on where your Corp HQ is.

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