Barons of the Galaxy Official Wiki

Artifacts are a special resource in Barons of the Galaxy. They are collected like any other resource - with a Structure - placed at a location with artifacts availble. To collect them, you need to build a Research Centre.

The Research Centre's production options show the range of finished artifacts in the game. Unlike other resources, artifacts (the resource) are collected until they've reached the threshold for an artifact(the item). These thresholds can be anywhere from 20,000 to 750,000 units.

Artifacts come in multiple classes, detailed below.


Artifacts come in three levels:

  1. A1, the weakest, generally providing a small boost or upgrade. Costs 20,000 Artifact resources to produce
  2. A5, mid range. These provide a significant boost, upgrade or effect. Costs 150,000 Artifact resources to produce.
  3. AX, the best. These provide potentially game-altering effects, and cost a whopping 750,000 resources


Artifacts come in multiple classes, each with their own distinct theme.


Geotechnical Artifacts are used to affect the population levels of cities. Each level creates an effect that boosts city population by 10% each turn over the next 100 turns, OR decreases the population of a city by the same amount, allowing these versatile Artifacts to be used offensively in large-scale wars.

The A1 series affect only the city they are deployed at.

The A5 series affect all cities on a planet.

The AX series affects ever cities in a solar system.


The Cybertronic artifacts generally create powerful or special military units, with a few exceptions.

The A1 series can either create a powerful Terminator Unit or Cuber Assassin, or deploy a Nanite Swarm to damage all structures and defenses at a location by 25% over 10 turns.

The A5 series allows you to take 10% of the profits of all other corporations on the planet for 100 turns, or create a high powered Scout ship.

The AX series creates either a very powerful Battlesuit or Corvette


The Metaphysics Artifacts empower and upgrade your other units.

The A1 series can reduce the upkeep cost by 50%, boost the firepower by 50% or boost the hitpoints by 50% of small units (Infantry, Commando and Mechanized units).

The A5 series does the same but for your medium units (from Armored through to Variteks)

The AX series affects ships with the same bonuses.